​​ Frequently Asked Questions about convention plus and much more.


Is there one Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Program?

No, in total there are 20 separate frequent flyer programs, and all operate independently. To take advantage of Star Alliance network, all you need is to join one of the programs across all 28 star members.


How do I join?

To join a program, please visit one of the airline websites for further program information.


Can I earn miles or points with all Star Alliance member airlines?

Yes, provided you are a member of one of the Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programs, you will earn miles on all flights across the network.


Can I transfer miles or points between Star Alliance airline member programs?

No, once you have earned miles or points in one program, you are not able to transfer that balance to another program within the alliance.


Can I combine miles or points for free tickets?

No, miles or points cannot be combined between Star Alliance airline Frequent Flyer programs.


Can I redeem miles or points for awards on Star Alliance member airlines?

Yes, you can use points or miles accumulated in one program for travel awards on Star Alliance member.


How many Star Alliance lounges are there worldwide?

There are over 990 Star Alliance member airline lounges.


Will I be entitled to bring to bring a guest into lounge?

- Yes, if you are a gold status star, you can bring one guest.
- Or if you have a first class ticket you can bring one guest. ​​​