Dear Readers,

The airline industry provides a worldwide transportation network overcoming boundaries to connect people, playing a fundamental role for global business and generating economic growth. Our industry has witnessed major structural transformation raising higher environmental and economic challenges.

At EGYPTAIR we are committed to the sustainable development of the industry in conducting our business and contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

We have set ambitious goals with concrete environmental commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, reaching out to the expectations of our customers, staff and stakeholders.

In 2019, we started our fleet modernization plan with aircrafts that consume up to 20% less fuel; we received 6 Boeing 787 and 7 Airbus 220 this year and by the end of 2020 we will have received another 5 Airbus 220 and 8 Airbus 320 the New Generation.

By Optimizing our fleet operation and fuel consumption, we were able to achieve significant progress in reducing our climate impact.

We are rapidly advancing in new practices, investing in technology and innovative solutions to enhance our environmental performance and create the basis for permanence. We are seeking to strengthen relations with our supply chain, driving best practices among our partners and enhancing monitoring processes.

At EGYPTAIR we aim to create and maintain sustainable livelihoods and to actively contribute to the society. As part of our commitment,​ we created a committee dedicated for incorporating sustainability into the activities and operations of the company to be able to manage our impact responsibly.

I am confident that EGYPTAIR with its dedicated team will be able to reach its ambitions and long-term goals with the highest levels of service while looking out for our customers and community.

Captain Ahmed Adel
Chairman & CEO
EGYPTAIR Holding Company​
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