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Dear Readers,

In 2020 we experienced an unprecedented situation for the aviation and travel industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic followed by travel restrictions and border closure; the pandemic has affected all of us customers, employees and business partners; yet we remain positive and we believe we will emerge from this crisis more resilient and competitive.

Despite the current uncertainty and the travel demand decline, we are determined to improve our services and move towards a more efficient organization connecting the UN Sustainable Goals with our activities.

Our goal is to offer passengers a unique travel experience focusing on customer satisfaction with concrete commitment to reduce our environmental footprint and improving our social impact.

A dedicated sustainability committee was established in 2019, ensuring that sustainability is an integral part in our activities and operations to manage our impact responsibly.

By modernizing our fleet we were able to reduce our fuel consumption by 20% and decrease our total CO2 emission.

We are rapidly advancing in new practices, investing in technology and innovative solutions to enhance our environmental performance and create the basis for permanence. We are seeking to promote sustainable practices within our supply chain, driving best practices among our partners and enhancing monitoring processes.

EGYPTAIR remains committed to the environmental transition, while operating its business responsibly for the benefit of our customers and community.

Captain Amr Abuelenein

Chairman & CEO

EGYPTAIR Holding Company

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