Dear Readers,

We're passionate about managing our business responsibly; being an aviation group, we are aware of the aviation environmental impacts and the urgency of climate change. At EGYPTAIR, we always seek to operate our business in a more efficient manner pursuing creating and maintaining sustainable livelihoods.

Aiming to drive change within our industry; we have aligned our business strategies to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) seeking sustainable economic growth, while offering our customers the best travel experience.

Numerous environmental actions have been implemented, these actions fully contribute to our long-term profitability and sustainability.  In 2019, we operated the world's longest sustainable fuel flight; we started our fleet modernization plan that contributed in reducing our fuel consumption by 20% and decreasing our total CO2 emission.  Year 2020 will witness the continuation of our fleet modernization plan which will lead to further improvement in our Carbon performance.

Collaborative initiatives have been conducted among the Stake Holders of the Holding Group to promote sustainable practices within our supply chain. Our ambition is to give our customers the confidence that each trip with us is a responsible trip. Constantly reducing our environmental footprint by means of improving our operations, and building on our digital capabilities to enhance our services. 

We know that the long term health of our business depends not only on preserving our environment but also on the wellbeing of our people, as part of the Group's ambition we are fully committed to investing in our people and building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

The airline industry has always been volatile, constantly challenged by external events. Despite these challenges, we remain committed to our sustainable goals with the highest standards of service and efficiency while looking out for our customers and community.


Captain Roshdy Zakaria

Chairman & CEO

EGYPTAIR Holding Company