Passengers Travelling To China Requirements

Passengers Travelling To China Requirements

-Passengers taking flights bound for China are required to present their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests before boarding.
 Specific arrangements are as follows:
1-Chinese and foreign passengers on China-bound flights shall complete COVID-19 nucleic acid tests within 5 days before boarding. Tests shall be carried out in facilities designated or recognized by overseas Chinese Embassies or Consulates.
2-Chinese passengers are required to take photos of and upload their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests using the international version of the health QR code mini program on WeChat.
3-Foreign passengers should apply with the Chinese Embassies or Consulates for the Health Declaration Letter with negative test results of COVID-19.

Additional requirments for Guangzhou:

-Entry application form must be filled prior to flight departure. (APP or Paper is acceptable) Download Application Form.

-Foreign passengers visa obtained before 28th March or residence are suspended, new visa must be obtained, visa issued from Chinese embassy after 28th March 2020 can enter Guangzhou with 14 days quarantine on passenger expense.

-Chinese passengers are allowed to enter China with 14 days quarantine with below instructions:

-Register and sign up the Chinese epidemic control APP with fully reports  for 14 days data and movement before departure (BELOW CODE TO BE SCANNED):

-If all 14 days have been reported and confirmed by government in China there's a "green" screen will be shown on the APP,(all the data are linked up with the civil authority system in China directly) 


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