EGYPTAIR Corporate Program is about more than price; it’s about convenience. EGYPTAIR had joined Star alliance to maximize the customer benefit.Corporate Program can help to ensure that you’re getting the best deal of retaining business performance of your annual travel budget, EGYPTAIR Corporate Sales Department is established for meeting corporate customers’ needs in addition to offering global services through “Star” products as :

  • Corporate Plus.
  • EGYPTAIR Corporate program aims to confirm our corporate customer satisfaction through a product applicable for the travel abroad not only for duty travels, but also for leisure travel, as a benefit for your staff.​

Who is entitled to join our programme?

- Large or medium-sized enterprises may qualify for a corporate agreement. 
- All Entities, Institutions, Banks, Associations, Unions, Chambers and Companies (Medical production, Petroleum, Construction, etc.)

What does this product aim to?

EGYPTAIR corporate program is a product dedicated for helping corporations to develop their business abroad, by making travel simpler & more affordable through fully flexible discounted fares, your company will experience the good services & the best value of money.

What are the programme Benefits?

  • - This program is for your business trips as well as leisure travels.
    - Discounts tailored to your specific corporate travel requirements.
    - Reporting: through account manager who helps you to analyze & to manage your corporate’s travel effectively and to ensure continual quality. 
    - Issuing tickets through your designated travel agent, EGYPTAIR offices, call center, and website.
    - Other advantages related to each corporate situation and travel volume.

How to contact us?

If you require further information regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
[email protected][email protected]

6 ADLY street Downtown, Cairo, Egypt.

how to join our programme?

If you are interested in joining us, please send us your RFP “request for proposal” attached with the following documents to: [email protected]

- Copy of the company structure & profile.
- The company annual travel budget.
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