Special Needs

To improve the accessibility of air travel to passengers with reduced mobility, EGYPTAIR has set a number of guidelines to ensure that these special needs are understood and provided accordingly.

Depending on an individual’s condition, it may be necessary for some passengers with reduced mobility to prepare a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) and submit it in preparation for their flights for review and approval by EGYPTAIR. For more information about, (MEDIF) contact EGYPTAIR office.​


On Ground

EGYPTAIR customer service representatives and public relations representatives are available at departure and arrival locations to extend care and assistance to passengers with special needs.

​Those are passengers with reduced mobility, with physical or mental disability and elderly


  • Passenger can walk but requires wheelchair for distance to/from gate.
  • Passenger can walk but needs assistance up/down stairs. 
  • Passenger can't​ walk but needs assistance up/down stairs.
  • For more info click here.


On Board

Seats close to cabin attendants and lavatories are assigned to passengers with special needs to ensure their comfort onboard.
For your convenience, we provide wheelchairs, medical lifts, sheets, pillows and blankets free of charge.
You can place your request for assistance from among the following selections:

Therapeutic Oxygen

  • Passenger needs therapeutic oxygen provided in-flight. A 48-hour notice is required, and a Special Assistance Coordinator will confirm the availability of this request.
  • The Passenger is required to have a completed copy of Medical Information (MEDIF), a doctor need to specify if the passenger needs hi-flow or low-flow.
If no continues flow neededFrom 1-4 Oxygen tubesCharge 50 USD per tube
Domestic FlightsCharge 50 USD per flightCharge 50 USD per flight
Continuous flow needed International Flights less than 3000 Miles

International Flights more than 3000 Miles
Charge 250 USD per flight

Charge 400 USD per flight
  • A 72-hour advance notice is required for cancellations of therapeutic oxygen to ensure reusability of the oxygen unit.

Visually Impaired

  • An attendant must accompany visually impaired children under 12 years of age.

Hearing Impaired

  • Someone who is known to them should preferably escort hearing impaired children under the age of 15.

Stretcher Case

Passengers on stretchers are accepted in economy class only. They must be accompanied. The required reservations for the entire trip have to be made prior to departure. Ambulance service shall be arranged by the passenger and a disclaimer of responsibility must be provided.

The normal full fare in economy class is applied to the ill person, in addition to a supplementary charge equal to five times the full normal fare in economy class for each leg of the trip where the stretcher is used. The attendant accompanying a stretcher case will be charged any available fare for the trip to be undertaken.

Accessible toilets​

  • Lavatory for the handicapped.
  • A Specially-designed lavatory has been constructed for an ease of use for handicapped passengers. This is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, if necessary.

Passengers with High Body Mass

For your comfort, if you require a second seat, remember to indicate this when making your reservation. Egyptair agents will notify you of availability. Booking a second seat guarantees you a more comfortable and non-restrictive trip.
Please note:
If the flight is full and you have not reserved a second seat, you may be refused permission to board for safety reasons if your body mass does not allow you to sit in a single seat.

Advance Notice Needed

We recommend that all of our customers make their reservations as far in advance as possible. We require at least 48 hours advance notice and that you arrange for the services below when making your reservation:

  • In-flight medical oxygen on international flights.
  • Carriage of inculcator.
  • Hook-up for a respirator, ventilator, CPAP machine or POC to the aircraft electrical power supply.
  • Accommodation of a passenger who must travel in a stretcher.
  • Supply of hazardous materials packaging for batteries or other assistive devices that are required to have such packing.
  • Transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service animal in the cabin.
  • Transportation of a service animal on a flight segment scheduled to take 8 hours or more.
  • Accommodation for a group of ten or more qualified individuals with a disability, who are making their reservation and travel as a group.