​​​​Our Customer's service plan rights under the Canadian Air Passenger Protection​Regulations

we are glad to provide the higest quality of service to our customers and to notify the customer with it.
This section applies to flights operated by EGYPTAIR, From/ to and within Canada
"If you are denied boarding or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights please  contact us or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website."

Denied Boarding​​

  • A. Definition of Denied Boarding: A passenger is denied boarding when the number of seats that may be occupied on a flight is less than the number of passengers who hold confirmed reservations, have valid travel documentation, and have checked in by the required time and presented themselves at the boarding gate by the required time.
  • B. Reason for denied boarding: Egypt Air will inform passengers of the reason for the denied boarding.
  • C. Volunteers Request for Volunteers :
  1. Before denying boarding to passengers, Egypt Air will request volunteers from among confirmed passengers to relinquish their seats in exchange for compensation. The request for passengers, selection of passengers and the amount and form of compensation is at Egypt Air’s sole discretion
  2. If the passenger wishes to travel, Egypt Air will, at its discretion:
    a) Reroute the passenger to the destination on the ticket or applicable flight segment on the next available flight without additional charge
    b) Endorse the unused portion of the passenger’s ticket to another carrier with which Egypt Air has an agreement for rerouting. Refund
  3. If the passenger chooses to no longer travel or if Egypt Air is not able to perform the options stated in (a) and (b) above within a reasonable amount of time, Egypt Air will refund the passenger pursuant to RULE 100 D - REFUNDS. Check our Tarrif
  4. In the event there are not enough volunteers, Egypt Air will select passengers who will be denied boarding, giving priority to passengers for boarding in the following order:
    a) Unaccompanied minors under the age of 18;
    b) Passengers with disabilities and their support person, service animal or emotional support animal.
    c) Passengers travelling with family members;
    d) Passengers previously denied boarding on the same ticket (having disclosed that information to Egypt Air agents);
    e) Passengers for whom, in Egypt Air’s assessment, being denied boarding would cause severe hardship;
    f) paying passengers travelling in Signature/Business (J Cabin); g) all other passengers, based on itinerary, fare paid status of loyalty program membership and the time in which the passenger is present at check-in without advance seat assignment. E. Passengers on Aircraft Egypt Air will not require customers seated on the aircraft to give up their seat involuntarily unless it is required for safety or security reasons.

Compensation Eligibility

  1. A passenger who has been denied boarding involuntarily because of events within Egypt Air’s control will be compensated, Denied boarding compensation is calculated based on your arrival time at destination as follow:
    a) 1110 CAD if the passenger’s arrival time at their destination on the original ticket is delayed by less than six hours.
    b) 2215 CAD if the arrival time is delayed by six hours or more, but less than nine hours.
    c) 2955 CAD, if the arrival time is delayed by nine hours or more.
  2. ​ A passenger is not eligible for denied boarding compensation if:
    a) the passenger was denied boarding for reasons outside the control or for reasons within Egypt Air’s control but required for safety purposes, such as when the passenger’s aircraft has been substituted with one having lesser capacity because of unexpected maintenance.
    b) The passenger is seated in a seat other than that specified on his ticket for the same flight at no extra charge to him.
    c) The passenger has been refused transportation in accordance with RULE 75 – REFUSAL TO TRANSPORT.
    d) If the flight on which the passenger holds a confirmed reservation is cancelled or delayed.

Standard of Treatment:

If you’re denied boarding for a situation within EGYPTAIR’S control or for security reasons, we’ll provide you with the following before you board your next flight booked as part of your alternate travel arrangements, unless this would further delay you:

  • Food and drink in reasonable quantities, considering the length of the wait, the time of day and location.
  • Access to a means of communication.

Hotel or comparable accommodations for overnight delays for out-of-town passengers, subject to availability within reasonable distance from airport.

Lost, Delayed and damaged baggage

we work hard to ensure your checked baggage arrives with you. For baggage that is damaged, delayed, lost, the passenger must file a complaint in writing to EGYPTAIR as soon as possible. This complaint must be filed within 7 days in the case of damage to the checked baggage and within 21 days in the case of delay. These timeframes are from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger’s disposal. If a complaint is not filed within the time mentioned above, the carrier will not be liable.
Limits of liability vary from airline to airline. Please contact all other carriers you will be using to learn their policies on liability.

For a complete explanation of all applicable provisions, please refer to our Tarrif​. Submit your case to [email protected]
EGYPTAIR is liable unless all reasonable measures were taken to avoid the delay or it was impossible to take such measures. The liability for Lost, delayed and damaged checked baggage is limited to 1,131 (Special Drawing Rights) SDRs. ​
Under The Air passenger protection regulation we will compensate you for lost, delayed or damage baggage by up to 2100 CAD.

Delays or Cancellation

This section applies to flights operated by EGYPTAIR, Some delays and cancellations are within an airline's control, whereas others, like those caused by severe weather or airport and air traffic disruptions, are simply out of our hands. Whatever the reason for the delay or cancellation, we will do everything possible to assist you.

Standard of Treatment:

If there is a delay or cancelation on our flight, EGYPTAIR will promptly provide information to passengers such as (timely updates, including the reason for the delay or cancellation, As soon as Egypt Air is aware of such a delay or cancellation.

  • At regular intervals of 30 minutes until a new departure time for the flight is set, or new travel arrangements for passengers have been made; and As soon as possible when new information is available.

In the event of a scheduled irregularity, carrier will either:
Note: additional services are provided to customers, as detailed below:

  • a) Carry the passenger on another of its passenger aircraft or class of service on which space is available without additional charge regardless of the class of service; or, at carrier's option;
  • b) Endorse to another air carrier with which Egypt Air has an agreement for such transportation, the unused portion of the ticket for purposes of rerouting; or at carrier's option;
  • c) Reroute the passenger to the destination named on the ticket or applicable portion thereof by its own or other transportation services; and if the fare for the revised routing or class of service is higher than the refund value of the ticket or applicable portion thereof as determined from RULE 100 - REFUNDS, carrier will require no additional payment from the passenger but will refund the difference if it is lower or,
  • (d) If the passenger chooses to no longer travel or if carrier is unable to perform the option stated in (a) (b) or (c) above within a reasonable amount time, make involuntary refund in accordance with RULE 100 - REFUNDS (an exception to the applicability of a refund occurs where the passenger was notified of the schedule irregularity prior to the day of departure and the schedule irregularity is of 60 minutes or less) or,
  • e) Upon request, for cancellations within Egypt Air's control, return passenger to point of origin and refund in accordance with RULE 100 - REFUNDS as if no portion of the trip had been made (irrespective of applicable fare rules), or subject to passenger's agreement, offer a travel voucher for future travel in the same amount; or, upon passenger request. Nothing in the above shall limit or reduce the passenger's right, if any, to claim damages, if any, under the applicable convention, or under the law when neither convention applies.

(4) Except as otherwise provided in applicable local law, in addition to the provisions of this rule, in case of scheduled irregularity within its control (and outside its control) Egypt Air will offer:
a) For a schedule irregularity lasting longer than 4 hours, a meal voucher for use, where available, at an airport restaurant or our on board cafe, of an amount dependent on the time of day.
​ b) For a schedule irregularity lasting overnight, hotel accommodation subject to availability and ground transportation between the airport and the hotel. This service is only available for out of town passengers.

Compensation Eligibility

For flight delays and cancellations within EGYPTAIR’S control that are not safety-related and according to APPR (Air Passenger protection Regulation) we will provide compensation of up to 1230 CAD.

Tarmac Delay

EGYPTAIR will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience to our passengers in case we are affected by any lengthy ground delays that can be beyond our control ( which may be due to severe weather, air traffic control rulings, government operating restrictions or airport operator issues that cannot be anticipated​​​). During these uncontrollable circumstances an aircraft is either unable to take off or be gated upon arrival and must wait for a gate to become available, a contingency plan has been developed to meet the needs of our customers onboard both arriving and departing aircraft (if the aircraft doors are closed). EGYPTAIR will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac at Canadian Airports for more than three hours (or 3 hours and 45 minutes if departure is imminent) Prior to reaching these timelines, EGYPTAIR will return the aircraft to the gate or another suitable disembarkation point, these timeline does not apply if providing an opportunity for passengers to disembark is not possible, for reasons related to safety and security or to air traffic or customs control. During a tarmac delay, EGYPTAIR will provide passengers, with: -Food and potable water in reasonable quantities (Quantity provided during delay is according to the time & length of Delay.) -the opportunity to communicate with people outside the aircraft, if feasible. -Access to operable lavatory facilities. -Proper ventilation and heating or cooling of the cabin -Adequate medical attention, if needed. We will notify the passengers about the status of the tarmac delay every 30 minutes while the aircraft is delayed, including the reason for the delay, if known.

EGYPTAIR’S Tarrif​​​

Children's Seating

EGYPTAIR will do everything possible to ensure children under the age of 14 are seated close to their accompanying family member. We recommend booking early and selecting seat assignments when you book. You can select seats through EGYPTAIR.COM, EGYPTAIR'S APP, Call center or your travel agent. There may be additional charges for seat assignments depending on which fare you select. If you don't select your seats in advance, we'll do our best to find adjoining seats for your family on the same reservation in the cabin you booked. However, available seats may be limited at that time. EGYPTAIR will make sure all reasonable effort is made by its staff, flight attendants and through in-flight procedures, to seat children under the age of 14 next to their accompanying adult. ​