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Online refund request
Kindly submit your online refund form from same website used during your reservation.
Please use the form given below to request for a refund for an Electronic Ticket purchased online through Please submit separate forms, completed with all details, for each refund request.
The refund request will be processed according to the ticket fare rules, EGYPTAIR policy, and will take up to 21 working days (and it may take longer than usual, due to the high volumes currently being processed). Please note your credit card company and/or the issuing company may require additional time to credit the funds to the card.
To request a refund on a ticket not purchased through, please contact the Ticket Office nearest to you.
Please note that all refunds are subject to a refund fee per passenger based on fare conditions.
Please be aware that your reservation will be cancelled automatically after submitting the online refund application form.
Note: Once the refund request is submitted, the reservation cannot be retrieved again.
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