Online Refund

Online refund request
Please read carefully the general conditions shown below, then kindly to click here and check the eligibility for your ticket/s to be automatically refunded or you can fill in the below Online Refund Form.
* For PAYPAL transactions, kindly be informed that the only way to process the refund is to fill in the below online refund form and choose PAYPAL as a payment method from dropdown list, otherwise the refund request will not be processed successfully.
  • The refund request will be processed according to the ticket fare rules shown during purchasing the ticket.
  • If you have your Boarding Pass issued, please make sure to cancel it before you apply.
  • All refundable tickets in your booking will be submitted, if you want to refund only one ticket, please click here to contact nearest EGYPTAIR office to split your booking and apply again.
  • In case of involuntary cases (Flight cancelation, Medical report, etc.) please click here to contact nearest EGYPTAIR office.
  • In case of participating in a bid through E-upgrade, passengers must cancel their offer before requesting to refund the ticket, please click here to cancel the offer.
  • Please be aware that your reservation will be cancelled automatically after completing the Auto Refund process.