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All Africa lions EGYPTAIR was the official carrier for the 22nd All Africa lions Conference in Cairo During the period from February 1 to 4, 2017. the conference hosted in a historic celebration many important businessmen and ambassadors of the 56-nation African and personalities under the auspices of the Prime Minister to strengthen relations and to find cooperation Mutually opportunities. with the Egyptian-tourist-authority in a distinctive booth which decorated with decor from the Pharaonic Village ,it won admiration and grab the attention of the audience. Where the EgyptAir ‘s logo put on the main platform. EGYPTAIR also participated as the official carrier of Contract was also signed with Egypt Air to be the official carrier of the Mediterranean lions conference in the conference, from 2nd of April to March 30th 2017 to be held in Alexandria Four Seasons Hotel San Stefano. it also will host in a historical event too many important businessmen and ambassadors of the 17 countries participating under the patronage of the Prime Minister.