​What do APIS stand for?

It stands for Advanced Passenger Information System.

What is it?

Many countries introduced national legislation which came into effect on 7th March 2006. This means that airlines flying to these countries must provide various details about each customer. In some cases, aircraft will not be able to land if they have passengers onboard where these details have not been provided in advance.

Which destinations does this apply to?

countries requiring advance passenger information:

​Middle East & Africa Asia Europe North America
Bahrain, Qatar, and South AfricaAustralia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Thailand​ and South KoreaAustria, ​Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Romania and United Kingdom Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia,TurkeyCanada and United States of America

What information is required?

For ALL the countries mentioned above, EGYPTAIR will need to enter the following passport information into your booking or Check in Steps in advance of your arriving at the airport:

  • Passport number
  • Country of Issue
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Expiry of passport
  • Name in passport (must be same name as issued on the ticket)

Customers that do not provide this information could be denied boarding at the airport.

EGYPTAIR will also ask for your mobile telephone number and email address. We will also enter these details into your booking.

When is this supplied to the airline?

We do this during your reservation or Web Check-in steps. All you need to do is to supply us with the correct details.

What happens if I don't supply EGYPTAIR with these details?

If you don't let us know these details in advance - you may not be allowed to board the plane when you get to the airport. It is your responsibility to advise us of your details.

What happens to the information once I provide it to my Flight Centre Consultant?

The information is entered directly into EGYPTAIR reservation system so we can pass this data on directly to the relevant immigration authorities before the flight departs. The information is not kept on file by EGYPTAIR, and cannot be accessed once the flight has departed. This information is not passed to any other 3rd party. ​​​​