Home Print Bagtag

​​​​​​​ From now on you will be ideally prepared for your journey – on selected EGYPTAIR routes you can get your baggage ready for check-in whilst still at home. We answer the most frequently asked questions about the Home Print Bag tag below.

What is a Home Print BagTag?

A Home Print Bagtag is a label for your luggage that you print out at home and with which you can prepare your bags for your flight in advance.

It contains information about the person travelling and the flight details. Thanks to the Home Print Bag tag, your travel preparations will be more relaxed and you’ll save valuable time at the airport. Instead of your bags only being registered and given a luggage tag once you arrive at the airport, you can now take care of that yourself in peace and quiet at home (only applies on selected routes).

If your journey begins in the European Union (EU), current EU regulations stipulate that your Home Print Bag tag must be printed in color . Please understand that we will therefore unfortunately be unable to accept baggage in the EU with a Home Tag that is not printed out in color.

Home Print Bagtag is offered on all EGYPTAIR destinations except for:

Accra(ACC)-Cairo, Paris(CDG)-Cairo​, Copenhagen(CPH)-Cairo, Dar-es-salaam(DAR)-Cairo, Frankfurt(FRA)-Cairo, London(LHR)-Cairo,

Lagos(LOS)-Cairo, Munich(MUC)-Cairo, Nairobi(NBO)-Cairo, Beijing(PEK)-Cairo, Berlin(SXF)-Cairo, Vienna(VIE)-Cairo, Cairo-Budapest(BUD),

Budapest(BUD)-Cairo, Cairo-Geneva(GVA), Geneva(GVA)-Cairo, Moscow(DME)-Cairo, Cairo-Moscow(DME) , Cairo-Rome(FCO), Rome(FCO)-Cairo,

Cairo-Tokyo(NRT), Tokyo(NRT)-Cairo, Cairo-Ab​​uDhabi(AUH), AbuDhabi(AUH)-Cairo, Cairo-Baghdad(BGW), Baghdad(BGW)-Cairo, Cairo-Erbil(EBL),

Erbil(EBL)-Cairo, Guangzhou(CAN)-Cairo, Cairo-Guangzhou(CAN), Cairo-Sharjah(SHJ), Sharjah(SHJ)-Cairo, London(LHR)-Luxor(LXR), Worldwide-

Washington(IAD), Washington(IAD)-Worldwide, Worldwide-New York(JFK), New York(JFK)-Worldwide,Worldwide-Toronto(YYZ),Toronto(YYZ)-Worldwide.


​If Home Print Bagtag is available for your journey, the option will appear automatically during online check-in.

The self-service baggage check-in machines at the Airport will identify your baggage independently, which will simplify baggage check-in. More routes will follow.

How do I obtain a Home Print BagTag?

In order to get a Home Print Bagt​ag, you need to take the following steps
  1. Check in online at egyptair.com .
  2. Choose your seat for the flight
  3. Enter the number of bags you have – if you want you can also do this for your return flight (this option only applies to already exempted routes for which the HomeTag is available).
  4. Print out your boarding pass, your Passenger Receipt and the HomeTag for your suitcase.
  5. Attach the HomeTag to your suitcase as specified below.
Please ensure that your flight details are clearly visible from both sides!

With your baggage prepared like this, when you arrive at the airport you can go straight to one of the baggage drop-off counters or the self-service baggage check-in kiosks.

Where can I get a Home Print BagTag holder from?

You can get the holders from the EGYPTAIR baggage drop-off counters. At the airport, staff will at first also be giving out the HomeTag holders in front of the baggage counters.

Can I print out a Home Print Bag​tag for my return flight?

yes. if you check in for your flight online and print out the baggage tag at home, you normally have the option of doing the same for your return flight too. you can identify this second hometag by the wording “For your return flight” . Please keep it safe until your return trip. Alternatively, you can print out the HomeTag separately shortly before your return flight.

What does the HomeTag contain?

The HomeTag contains precisely the information which the airports need to transport your baggage: your route, your name , special conditions of carriage and, above all, the baggage item number which is also printed clearly as a barcode. This enables the airport baggage handling systems to identify your bags. In this respect a HomeTag is no different from the usual baggage label which is put on your bag at the airport.

An additional element of the HomeTag is the QR code , a two-dimensional barcode in which all readable information on the baggage label is stored in encrypted form. This enables your travel details to be reconstructed should the tag be damaged.