Baby Care

Our staff is available to assist mothers and babies throughout the entire flight.
Carrycots are normally located at the front of each cabin section (the bulkhead position).
Please remember to request a bulkhead seat when reserving your ticket to ensure the carrycot position.
Currently, bulkhead seats cannot be requested online. To request a bulkhead seat, please contact your local EgyptAir office.

Important Note:

During take-off and landing, infants must be seated on their parent’s lap. In addition, for safety reasons, parents are asked to hold babies on their lap during continued or severe turbulence.

Air travel not recommended for:

  • Newborn babies less than seven days old.
  • Premature babies, unless a special form is provided, showing medical clearance. A qualified physician, nurse or medical attendant must accompany premature babies requiring medical attention.​​​