Baby & Child Care


Our staff is available to assist mothers and babies throughout the entire flight.
Carrycots are normally located at the front of each cabin section (the bulkhead position).
Please remember to request a bulkhead seat when reserving your ticket to ensure the carrycot position,at least 48 hours before departure.

Please note that, depending on your booking class, a seat reservation fee for the front seat may apply.

Important Note:

During take-off and landing, infants must be seated on their parent’s lap. In addition, for safety reasons, parents are asked to hold babies on their lap during continued or severe turbulence.

Air travel not recommended for:

  • Newborn babies less than seven days old.
  • Premature babies, unless a special form is provided, showing medical clearance. A qualified physician, nurse or medical attendant must accompany premature babies requiring medical attention.

Note: new born babies travelling inside incubators, please contact EGYPTAIR sales office or our call center for more information.

Customers travelling with infants and children:

  • EGYPTAIR welcome customers  who wish to travel with healthy infants aged between 7 days to 24 months old.
  • Customers  travelling with infants or children must hold proof of age (birth certificate).
  •  Assistance shall be given as much as possible by staff to customers with infants and children.
  • It is allowed to carry food for infants consumption on flight and baby needs like napkins ... Etc.
  • Customers with children and infants shall not be seated in​ Emergency exit seats.​
  • A single adult (aged 16 years and above) can travel with 2 infants provided that:
  1. The first infant will be accepted normally with his infant ticket.
  2. The second infant shall pay the applicable child fare and occupy a seat.
  3. The child must be secured by a child restraint system that the adult must bring on board with them.
​A mother and father travelling with 2 infants will be allocated cross aisle seats for safety reason.

  • Note:
    1. The customer should be familiar with the child restraint system manufacturer’s instructions. 
    2. The customer will attach the child restraint system to the passenger seat on his own. 
    3. Please understand that unfortunately, our flight attendants will not be able to help our valuable customer in fixing the child restraint system.
  • Infants shall be accepted according to their issued ticket and if they become a child on the return flight, a child ticket must be issued.
  • For new born babies travelling inside incubators, please contact EGYPTAIR sales office or our call center for more information.

  • Car Seat Policy:

    Customers  travelling with infants are allowed to travel with their car seat provided that: 
    • Prior arrangements with EGYPTAIR are preferable.
    • Infants using a car seat must pay the appropriate child fare.
    • Infant car seats can be used for infants from 8 days till 04 years.
    • Infant car seats can be used for children with disabilities (PRM) up to 12 years old.
    • The guardian must have their own car seat. 
    • The car seat is approved for use on an aircraft only, with an attached label indicating that.
    • The car seat must have at least one of the following approved, but not limited to, these relevant certifications:
    • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
    • JAA (joint Aviation Authority)
    • ESE (Europe Safety Standard)
    • Transport Canada
    • CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority)
    • ECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe)
    • At least one seat adjacent to the child must be occupied by a physically able person, not less than 16 years, who is responsible for the occupant of the car seat.
    • The guardian must measure the width of car seat. It shall be fitted in the aircraft seats if it is not wider than 16 inches (41cm).
    • The adult passenger travelling with the child is responsible for fitting the car seat and ensuring that the infant/child is seated and secured correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • In case the guardian is not familiar with the installation procedures, the car seat will be accepted as checked baggage. 
    • These conditions above are subject to aircraft type.
    • A rearward facing car seat can never be accepted 
    • Car seat is not accepted on flights operated by aircraft type B-789 in the business class area.
    • The above mentioned rules are applied only for flights operated by EGYPTAIR and incase of Code-Share flights operated by other carrier, the customer must refer to the operating carrier to obtain their approval.
    • For further information, please contact your nearest reservation office or our call center.