Expectant Mothers

​​​Expectant mothers are welcome at EGYPTAIR. However, for your safety and the safety of your child, the following regulations apply:

Expectant mothers are kindly requested to voluntarily provide information about possible uncertainty of continuance of pregnancy, time of delivery and any expected complications in delivery or previous multiple births.

If the expectant mother is in normal health and has no pregnancy complications, she is normally accepted without medical clearance.

However, a medical clearance is required and must be issued seven days prior to date of travel. Also, a declaration form must be completed if:

  • Child delivery is expected in less than four weeks.​
  • There is uncertainty about the progress of pregnancy or time of delivery.
  • There have been instances of previous multiple births or possible/previous complications during delivery.​​
​​    ​Air travel is not allowed for:
  • Woman within the last seven days prior to Delivery.​
  • Woman within the first seven days after delivery.​