Special Meals

​​ All of EgyptAir’s standard meals are halal, prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary law.
For passengers who have restricted dietary needs, we offer the following special meals (With no Extra Charge):

Hot Diabetic Meals

Healthy and sugar-free – nutritional information is provided.

Hindu Meals

Meals f​ree of beef, and beef ​products, may contain chicken/ fish or seafood.

Seafood Meals

Fish and/or other seafood only.


For those with cardiac/hypertension problems

Meals for Infants

Under 2 years of age - includes strained fruits, vegetables and meat. Toddlers - soft, easy to chew foods, may include finger foods.

Vegetarian meals

No meat of any kind.
Please request your special meal when making flight reservations.

Food Allergies

We cannot guarantee meals and snacks served on board are completely free from traces of nuts or any allergens .
This is owing to the nature of our production facilities that may be handling such ingredients .
We advise all passengers with dietary requirements that we cannot meet , to provide their own food subject to security and local laws.

On board : Our cabin crew are unable to make announcements or alert other passengers to individual medical conditions. ​