Musical Instruments


Musical instruments can be accepted on EGYPTAIR flights according to the following rules:

1. In Cabin (Small Musical instruments)

You may bring your small musical instrument (Such as small Guitar, Violin, Violas, Piccolos, Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Oud … etc.) on board as part of your carry‐on baggage allowance in cabin, provided that it meets the current EGYPTAIR’s carry‐on size requirements (08 Kgs / 118 Cm ) including the hard case.

we advise you to carry your instrument in a hard case, whether it is travelling in the cabin or in the hold, and ensure you are properly insured. We cannot accept instruments for travel in soft cases.
Economy class passenger holding musical instruments inside the customer cabin is not entitled for carry-on baggage, but he is entitled to carry personal items such as ladies hand-bag, laptop …. etc.

Note: In certain cases we may ask first and business class customers to check their second Piece of hand-bag:

  • If travelling to countries with restrictive government regulations (e.g.: to/from or within USA)
  • If the flight operated by small aircrafts
  • Flights departing from South Africa are restricted to 07 Kgs per piece with total dimensions 115 Cm.

2. In the aircraft compartment (Large musical instruments)

Large Musical instruments Such as (Cellos, Guitar, saz , Kanoon,… etc.) is accepted as checked baggage due to their size, shape, weight and length.

The customer is allowed to carry musical instrument as part of his free baggage allowance (within the permitted Weight and size limits).
If your baggage count (musical instrument + number of other bags to be checked) exceeds the maximum number of items allowed by your fare type, or Its size and weight exceeded the free baggage allowance, an additional fees will be paid by the customer as below

Overweight piece“ From 23 Kgs and up to 32Kgs 50% from the applicable excess baggage rate.
Over size piece“ From 158 Cm and up to 203 Cm”50% from the applicable excess baggage rate.
Overweight and Over size piece100% from the applicable excess baggage rate.
  • The maximum weight for the checked musical instrument including the hard case must not exceed 32 Kgs.
  • The musical instruments must be placed in a securely padded hard case (rigid container) that is designed for transporting or shipping of this item.
  • Limited release should be signed by the Customer.
  • If the weight of the musical instruments exceeds 32 Kgs or 203 Cm, it must be accepted as cargo.
  • Due to temperature variation, expansion and contraction of the neck of stringed instruments may occur. We advise Customers to loosen their strings before travel to prevent any strain or damage.

3. Inside the Customer cabin as “CBBG”

Extra seat should be booked and paid by the customer who required to transport musical instrument inside the Customer cabin due to its valuable, fragile nature or the musical instrument does not fit in the overhead compartment at least 24 hours before your flight

you can purchase a seat for your musical instrument in its case (Such as Cellos, Guitar…. etc.) provided that:

  • Maximum 01 musical instrument is allowed per Customer as CBBG.
  • Maximum weight for the musical instrument inside the cabin is 75 KGS
  • The musical instruments must be well restrained in a way that it cannot move during the flight.
  • Window seat should be assigned for the musical instruments.
  • Musical instruments cannot be allocated in the exit row.

4. Musical instruments accepted as cargo only

If the weight of the musical instruments exceeds 32 KGS or 203 Cm, it must be accepted as cargo.

Instruments larger than a cello (e.g. Double-bass, Harp, Geomungo …etc.) there is no option to purchase a seat as these instruments are too large and heavy and must be accepted as cargo only.

Note: If a code-share flight operated by another airline and included in the itinerary, the baggage rules of the other airline may apply.