Baggage Allowance

How many baggage items can you check in? What is the weight limit for each baggage item? Find out a ...

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Restricted Items

For your safety reason , According to the "general conditions of carriage" and the "IATA DANGEROUS ...

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Sports Equipment

Do you want to bring a sports equipment, EGYPTAIR helps you prepare your special baggage.

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Baggage Tips

Find all the useful information you need to prepare your checked and hand baggage, including inform ...

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Delayed Baggage

What is the procedure for late, damaged, or lost baggage? EGYPTAIR explains the steps to take

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Carry On Baggage

What can you take with you on board? What is the size limit for hand baggage? Find the answers to t ...

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Unaccompanied Baggage

Passengers carrying luggage in addition to the free baggage allowance have the possibility of forwa ...

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Excess Baggage

If you have any special or heavy items, or extra baggage which is over your free allowance, you sho ...

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Packing Checklist

A check list that you can use to remind yourself what you may want to take.

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The liability of airlines is regulated by law.

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Baggage With Higher Value Declaration

If you have a baggage that you want to make a high value declaration (HVD) at check-in, the regulat ...

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