Excess Baggage

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Excess Baggage Charges​​

The below prices applies only on tickets purchased via Egyptair.com

If you have any special or heavy items of baggage, or extra baggage which is over your free allowance, you should be aware of what arrangements you need to make before you travel. Additional pieces over your free allowance are charged at the rates listed below. The following charges are in USD dollars:

Between​AndExtra ​piece
New York/YTOEgypt125.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria125.00
Far East150.00
Cyprus /Greece /Turkey 150.00
Middle east including Khartoum and jub150.00
Europe including Tunis/Algeria/Morocco150.00
Canada & USA
( other than NYC )/YTO
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria150.00
Far East200.00
Middle east including Khartoum and jub200.00
Europe including Tunis/Algeria/Morocco 200.00
Jordan /Lebanon Egypt/ Jordan /Lebanon 75.00
Middle East including Khartoum & juba100.00
Africa except Khartoum/juba /Tunis/Algeria/Morocco100.00
Far East150.00
Europe including TUNIS / ALGERIA / MOROCCO100.00
Cyprus /Greece /Turkey100.00
Middle east & Khartoum & juba excluding Jordan/Lebanon/SyriaEgypt75.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria100.00
Middle east including Khartoum & juba100.00
Africa except Khartoum/juba/Tunis/ Algeria/Morocco100.00
Far East150.00
Cyprus /Greece /Turkey100.00
Europe except Cyprus/Greece/Turkey/ TUNIS/ALGERIA/MOROCCO125​.00
Europe and Tunis/Algeria/Morocco excluding Cyprus/Greece/TurkeyEgypt100.00
Middle east including Khartoum & juba125.00
Europe including Tunis/Algeria/Morocco125.00
Africa EXCEPT Khartoum/juba Tunis/Algeria/Morocco125.00
Far East150.00
Middle East INCLUDING Khartoum/juba100.00
Africa EXCEPT Khartoum/ juba/Tunis/Algeria/Morocco100.00
Far East150.00
Europe except Cyprus/Greece/Turkey100.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria100.00
Cyprus /Greece /Turkey100.00
Far EastEgypt125.00
Middle East INCLUDING Khartoum/juba150.00
Far East175.00
Africa EXCEPT Khartoum/juba/ Tunis/Algeria/Morocco150.00
Europe including Tunis/Algeria/Morocco150.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria150.00
Cyprus /Greece /Turkey150.00
Africa excluding Khartoum/ juba/Tunis/ Algeria/MoroccoEgypt75.00
Middle east including Khartoum and juba100​.00
Far East150.00
Europe including Tunis/Algeria/Morocco125.00
BangkokJakarta /Kuala Lumpur100.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria 300
Middle East Except Jordan /Lebanon/Syria300
Europe including TUNIS / ALGERIA / MOROCCO Except Cyprus/Greece/Turkey325
Far East350
New York/YTO350
Canada & USA ( other than NYC )/YTO 400
Canada & USA ( other than NYC )/YTO 250
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria150
Middle East Except Jordan /Lebanon/Syria150
Europe including TUNIS / ALGERIA / MOROCCO Except Cyprus/Greece/Turkey175
New York/YTO200
Far East200
HarareDar el Salam50.00
Jordan /Lebanon/Syria 80
Middle East80
Europe including TUNIS / ALGERIA / MOROCCO80
Far East120
Africa INCLUDING Khartoum/juba125
Within Egypt30.00

For passengers exceeding their baggage allowance:

  • The overweight must not exceed 32 Kgs and the oversize must not exceed the 203cm.
  • Overweight (24-32k) is charged as 50% of the extra piece price.
  • Oversize (more than 158cm /62 inch till 203cm /79 inch) is charged as 50% of the extra piece price.
  • Overweight and oversize is c​harged as 100% of the extra piece price.
  • Extra piece, overweight and oversize is charged double price of the extra piece.
  • Excess baggage is accepted subject to space availability.
  • Please arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before your normal check-in time in case of possessing excess baggage.
  • Currency exchange may affect the amount to be paid.
  • Applicable taxes are not included in the prices.
  • Our check-in facilities will close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • Passengers who exceed the weight limit will be asked to repack their excess baggage into smaller units and pay the appropriate charges before the check in.​