Baggage With Higher Value Declaration

If you have a baggage that you want​ to make a high value declaration (HVD) at check-in, the regulations set out below will apply:

  • HVD for carry-on baggage is not acceptable.
  • Prior arrangements must be made 48 hours before departure through reservation.
  • Passengers must arrive at check-in no later than 4 hours prior to departure time to allow opening of baggage of special value and verifying objects to be covered by the declaration.
  • HVD is available for checked baggage only to the point of stopover, you must redeclare and pay the applicable charges each time you check-in.
  • HVD is not acceptable for interline travel.
  • The baggage “LIST OF CONTENTS” form is used to list articles customers wish to declare.
  • HVD is not accepted for fragile or perishable articles, money, jewellery, precious metals, valuables including paintings, antiques, artefacts, irreplaceable book publications, medication, food, negotiable papers, securities, business documents, passports, identification documents ,samples or electronic devices (i.e.: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, …etc)
  • Passengers must make sure baggage is securely locked.

Excess valuation

Declaration values shall not be less than US$1500 and shall not exceed US$4,000 (or the equivalent thereof) per passenger at bankers buyer rate (BBR) in the day of travel.


A fee of 10% of the value declared by customer will be charged against an excess baggage ticket or EMD, the service will not be available where no security services are supplied or outsourced by Egyptair. ​​