At The Airport

​​Arriv​​ing at the Airport

Drop off your baggage at the "Baggage drop-off" counter before your flight’s Check-in Deadline. If you are traveling without baggage, proceed directly to your boarding gate before the Boarding Deadline (last call) indicated on your boarding pass. Please note: if you do not present yourself before the Boarding Deadline, your seat is no longer guaranteed.

All passengers departing from Cairo Airport  and completing their Check in process through the web Check –in and Mobile Check in services ; are requested to proceed to ​the drop-off  counters at Cairo Airport in order to drop their luggage and get the Immigration card for their trip to Facilitate Immigration Procedures.

Drop Off counters for the baggage for all passengers departing from Frankfurt airport and completing their check in process through the website and mobile check in services will be as follows:

  • Automated Drop off counters are available in Hall A counters 260 – 283 and Hall B counters 453 - 461
  • Normal drop off counters located in AREA B counters 313 – 339
  • Family check-in will be counters 337-338 entrance from gate 4
  • passengers with reduced mobility /UM will be in the LH service area entrance from gate 4
  • Business and Gold member check-in area located in HALL A entrance gates 1 & 2
  • passengers with Pet in Hold to be check-in LH special counter 446
  • For Group Check-in LH counters 440-444
  • For Egyptair service counter will be located in counter 474 and will be used for Excess baggage and change of reservations and for check-in for any of EGYPTAIR premium customer who Need special assistance and care , for example MS platinum customers

N.B: As required by government regulations; passengers obtaining Schengen visa for the first time must travel to the same country of visa issuance. A failure to follow these regulations could result in passenger being refused to travel and in such circumstances you will be solely responsible for any cost, loss or damage which you or we (or our agents or servants) incur.

I​mportant Information about Baggage

We recommend you read the following topics on baggage transportation with care:

  1. Baggage Allowance
  2. Restricted Items
  3. Carry-on Baggage
  4. Baggage Tips
  5. Excess Luggage

N.B: Baggage through Check in is not allowed from international overseas stations to Cairo via domestic Stations in Egypt and Vice Versa. ​​​​​​